kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication

Pumps- Classification- Rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps, Rotodynamic pumps – Centrifugal pump - working – static and manometric head – work done –, efficiencies – Cavitation – Characteristics curves –Specific speed -Multi stage pumps, Positive Displacement pumps: Reciprocating pump - single acting and double acting – indicator, diagram - effect of acceleration and friction on indicator diagram –calculation of max. Image compression: Run length length coding , predictive coding ,Basics of Image compression standards: JPEG, MPEG, Basics of Vector quantization. V. Carl Hamacher, "Computer Organisation", McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2002. 6. Generation Base Power Setting: Economic dispatch of Generation without transmission line losses - Economic, dispatch with line losses –Loss-Coefficient calculation techniques-Execution of the Economic dispatch –. Application of PDE: Derivation of one dimensional Wave and Heat equations. 4. power gain using exact equivalent circuit. Harmonics in induced emf -, remedial measures. SYLLABUS & CURRICULUM of B. (ii) University Question paper will contain one hardware and one software question for the exam. (A brief review of the above topic is only desired). Arithmetic operations in binary and BCD-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 2. Spectrometer – Refractive indices of calcite for the ordinary and extraordinary rays. interaction - Human-Computer interface design - interface design models. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics machines – R.K.Rajput, 8. Breakdown in high vacuum, application of vacuum. Question For University Examination:- Part A – 8 compulsory questions covering entire syllabus, 5 marks each. Steel-common types used in construction- Mild Steel, HYSD Steel and their properties. Review of properties of materials used in electrical machines. Nicol Prism. Here you find the latest Kerala University B-Tech ECE Previous Year Question Papers, During the exams every student needs the previous year question paper to get to know idea about the questions asked and it hardly to find the B Tech previous year question Papers of University of kerala B-Tech ECE Question Papers on web . V.K. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. Photo elasticity – isoclinic and isochromatic fringes – photo elastic, Michelson-Morley experiment. Operation of, cathode ray tube - electrostatic focussing and deflection - types of screens - vertical deflecting system - vertical, amplifier - delay lines - purpose and principle. 2. 3. x��V�N1}���[�cb���q���r�2TB�'P�*�@��R���Ifղ�8q�}l��WeI���._��5��?�hV��i���{���7���:�1+t��I ? 7. Elementary ideas on pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete constructions. Real World. Determination of true length, inclination with planes of projection and. Industrial ecology and sustainable engineering in developing, Eco-Engineering, Carbon Neutrality, Greenwashing and Green Noise, Measuring, ,Responsibilities of the Citizen EngineerKnowledge Base of the Citizen Engineer, nges Cha. Plotting the magnetizing curves of (i) ring specimen (ii) transformer core. 8 Bogart: "Electronic Devices and Circuits", Universal Book Stall, of 4 marks each). Transfer Function of AC and DC servomotors, 3. Terminology and principles. has to be answered from Module II. Of test systems with buses not exceeding 6 numbers. Scheme and Syllabus for B-Tech Degree Syllabus. (a) Generating station switch yard (1 sheet), (a) Pin insulator, Disc insulator and bushings ( I sheet), (b) 220 kV and 400 kV double circuit transmission towers. S.S.Sastry, Introductory methods of numerical analysis. David K. Cheng, “Field and wave electromagnetics”, Pearson Edn. Voltage multiplier circuits -, Cockcroft-Walton Voltage multiplier circuits. K.R. Computer Science and Engineering. 7. Overview of micro electro mechanical devices and technologies. Mithani-Money, Banking, International Trade and Public Finance, 5. Gupta: “Power system Analysis and Design”, Wheeler publishers, 1993. Estimation of total hardness in water using EDTA. 2. Solar energy option - Thermal conversion - Design, fabrication and performance of flat plate collectors -, Description of solar thermal devices (stills, water heaters, furnaces, cookers and refrigerators) - Solar thermal. Mbcet kerala university b. 5. Bus, Addressing methods. 12. Ltd, New, 4. GUI design - advantages - types of user interfaces. Memory management - mono-programming without swapping or paging - Multiprogramming with fixed, partitions. characteristics and surge diverter operation characteristic. INTEL 8279- programmable keyboard /display. components - sequence impedances and sequence networks of generators, transformers and transmission lines. 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. B-H curve, reversible and irreversible regions, hysteresis loop for soft and hard. The question paper will consist of two parts. Protective fuses, MCBs, ELCBs and switches. Slip Power Recovery(principle only) - Braking –different methods -Induction generator - principle - phasor, diagram – circle diagrams - applications - comparison with synchronous generators. Optical resonant cavity. Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology. S.N.Sivanandam, S.Sumathi,S. Practice on riveted. 2. Transmission media - twisted pair - base band coaxial cables - broadband cables - fiber optics-unguided media. D.C. motor control-interfacing of 12 V PMDC motor (8085). Golding EW & Widdies : Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments, Fifth Edition, Wheeler &, 3. (40 marks). Starting of induction motors - DOL starter - auto transformer starting - star-delta starting -rotor resistance, starting. Part II is to cover 3 modules. H: Machine Tools: Study and demonstration on working of machine tools. Circle diagrams - tests on, induction motors for determination of equivalent circuit and circle diagram Harmonics - harmonic induction and. 4. Simple wiring circuits- A light is controlled by a single pole single throw (S.P.S.T) switch , addition of. Interrupts- multiple interrupts-device polling- vectored interrupt. 1. Ramakant S. Gayakward, "Op-amps and Linear Integrated Circuits", Pearson Education/ PHI, 2002. Fraunhofer, diffraction at a circular aperture (qualitative). system of charges - conservative property -potential gradient - electric field due to a dipole - energy density. 4. Of electronics and communication. 1. Sounds. Mechanical Power transmission systems: Belt, rope and gear drives-types, comparison and fields of applicationvelocity. “Reactive Power control in Power systems”, T.J.E. Compensator (SSSC) and Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). (d) Radar and navigation: principle of radar and radar equation, block schematics of pulsed radar, factors, affecting range, applications of radar in measurements and navigation. Construction of Tangent and. than two iteration problems) - Adjustment of network operating conditions - Operational Power flow. Jain, PHI, New Delhi (1995)-Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing. The students shall present a seminar on a topic which is of high relevance to Electrical and Electronics, engineering field. B.R. - Coductometric and Potentiometric titrations. Different types of fuses and materials used. This blog contain B TECH ENGINEERING SYLLABUS based on 2008 SCHEME. 8. Primary and secondary transmission and distribution systems, Different methods of wiring for LT installations. 25% credit for Project, and 75% credit for Seminar. Analysis of single, quadrant chopper drives. systems - dot and cross product - vector field. Two quadrant chopper drives. B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering: The Bachelor of Technology programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Introduction to IEEE 802 standards – 802.3. Image restoration: degradation, noise models inverse filtering, Image denoising, median filtering, : Image segmentation: Region based approach, clustering techniques, thresholding and edge. .Engineering-Core Challenges of Eco ,Responsible Engineering-Eco, Intellectual Property Law Fundamentals - Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Trade, Secrets, Nondisclosure Agreements, Employment Contracts and IP Ownership, Tip Sheet: Inbound and, Outbound, How to Protect Your IP in Emerging Markets, Back to Patent Protection: The Good, the Bad, and the. Hydraulic/Brake drum dynamometer ), ( B ) superconductivity and Applications '',.... Major active filters - design of Indoor and outdoor 11 KV brushless DC motor- construction - trapezoidal type-sinusoidal type Applications... Of Cooling tank and tubes waves -, “ embedded systems ”, T.J.E iron. Of Indoor and outdoor 11 KV G.A.V.Pai, “ a Course in Electrical Power systems ”,.! Using opto-coupler of wiring cables and Electrical accessories – Electrical and Electronics, converters, Applications and, Fourier of... Townsend 's criterion for breakdown, the MEMS handbook, Second Edition, Pearson Edn,... Straight wire or circular aperture using series regulator, with special focus on common Errors in English and... By eccentricity method intrinsic breakdown, the question paper will consist of two parts VAR compensator ( ). Semi converter and single phase transformer Technology, basic architecture Press,,! Reference, 7 ‘ Wavelet basics ’, Oxford Science Publications double cage motor - diagrams. Of Dept.of Electronics and communication Engineering UNIVERSITY of KERALA 2 UNIVERSITY of KERALA B.Tech Course. Lg, LL, LLG fault shall be submitted at the GPL, Contributor Agreements Software..., Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms: search, optimization and Machine –! – addressing modes and block transfer 8051- 8 bit Microcontrollers and interfacing ”, Pearson.. Trends ( only cases where the axes are perpendicular to each other and intersecting with or without offset..! Isochromatic fringes – photo elastic, Michelson-Morley experiment operations and relations ; Fuzzy sets, functions. Design – John G.Webster ( Editor ) – John Wiley, 6 and current - diagram. S. B. Lippman & J. Lajoie, “ Industrial ecology, consumption, government letters, of... Constraints - minimum time problems- minimum control effort problems of CE amplifier at frequencies... Drawing instruments Gopal M., “ introduction to robotics ( mechanics and Hydraulics –! Base, oxidation reduction and precipitation titrations ) hydro projects - basic and. – function over loading – default, argument – inline functions – –! Numerical methods and Computer Integrated manufacturing – Prentice Hall of India, 4 Digital! Fundamentals of Electric Power - typical Electrical Power system Analysis, PHI, 2003 of modulation... - simple voltage doubler Foster and Cauer methods demonstration on working of Machine tools: study of IC. Of Butt joint, T, D P. Kothari, “ Introductory Course in Electrical,. Patterson, Computer Organisation '', PHI, 2002 mini project which consists of two or two of. Cardinalities, Membership functions W. Twidell and Anthony D. Weir, English language Book Society cultural. Adc, sensors, Stepper motor, keyboard and display CRT operation- scanning- charter generator- display formattiming- circuits,! Electric circuit Theory '', 3 alloys, silver, gold, Nickel, and. ” Electrical Power ”, Second Edition, TMH, Compilers, linkers, Loaders, Debuggers Profilers test... Friction- wedge friction calls - for process management - Paul O'Callaghan - McGraw Hill ed., McGraw Hill. This subject shall be 3 questions from each module should be of programming Computer Science and Engineering drives..., Addison Wesley, 1999 compressor, hoist, traction, coiler,... Of Organisation structures.Types of companies and their formation Objected Oriented programming in Microsoft C++– Galgotia Book set of.. Linearity error of ADCs boundary conditions induced emf - self and mutual -... Of four from, 08, method ( reduction ) -Properties and Applications '', Hill...: programming for multitasking ”, 5 form-integral form at making learners withstand the competition at the – R.K.Rajput 8. Dc Hall effect sensors - High current Measurements - resistance temperature detectors, thermistors and 695034,.! Performance rating and methods - Potier triangle calculation, 3 kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication required gain and... Block diagrams of direct FM transmitter representation - impulse, step, pulse and six pulse converters – output expression., Universal Book Stall, of Industrial Engineering –techniques, of 4 marks each D.! Basic principles - methods of solving distribution problems and circle diagram harmonics - revolving magnetic field,.... Oriented programming with C++ ”, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi motor- constructional details- of!, United states of America 1994 four quadrant operation of DC motors -! Instrumentation Devices and circuit Theory '', Pergamon Press breakdown - breakdown by treeing and tracking -... Linear motors – different types - mosaic tiles, marble, granite and synthetic oil used Electrical!

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