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Collecting was, for Mr. Reiter, an all-consuming hobby, a chance to bring back a one-of-a-kind specimen, a chance to shelter outdated, unpopular hybrids until fashions changed once again. 2759 Union             Blackwood acacia (Acacia melanoxylon), Southeast Australia, Cross the Street at Baker and backtrack on Union’s north side. Being big helps, of course; the the visual impact that the tree makes is important. 4082 - 23rd             Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa), South & southeast Asia to Australia (an uncommon form of this species; note the pinkish fruits on the sunny side of the tree), 35. Our trio of tree geeks responsible for this tour is the same: Jason Dewees (author of Designing with Palms), Richard Turner (retired editor of Pacific Horticulture), and I’m Mike Sullivan, author of Trees of San Francisco. 261 - 32nd Peppermint willow (Agonis flexuosa), SW Australia, 13. Our ISA Certified Arborists perform professional tree service for tree removal, palm and tree pruning, tree inspection, and plant health care to San Francisco and the Peninsula area. 2671 - 22nd            gold medallion tree (Cassia leptophylla), S America (tree is across the street, in full bloom). She died in San Francisco in 1904 and is buried in Tulocay Cemetery, north of the city, in the town of Napa. 116 Fair Oaks      Cabbage tree or tī kōuka in Māori (Cordyline australis), New Zealand, 12. And some are big enough to drive through (courtesy of car-sized bore holes). 15 - it will be up on this site by Tuesday. From there, it heads north to Grove Street, east on Grove to Lyon Street, north on Lyon to McAllister Street, east on McAllister to Baker Street, and north on Baker to Turk. 30. 2401 Octavia         Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis), Canary Islands, Spain, **Continue south/uphill on Octavia Street**, Octavia Street, Jackson to Washington, east side. If you click on the link, you’ll go to a map of San Francisco where each of the trees is represented by a dot at its location. 261 Fair Oaks        Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata), East Asia (across the street; a common replacement for American elms, which were decimated by Dutch elm disease in the eastern USA), 22. On his death bed, McLaren supposedly requested that the tree lighting tradition be continued. 101 San Ramon       Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), Argentina, Bolivia (who would think it survive this far west in SF; perhaps another sign of a warming climate), 8. Hundreds of rare plants once thrived here; many survive his years of collecting. 639 Elizabeth           Australian willow (Geijera parviflora), Eastern & southeast Australia, 4. 2280 Octavia         Monterey cypress (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa), Carmel, CA, native (sheared into a spectacular hedge around the old Spreckels Mansion, now owned by author Danielle Steel), Turn right on Washington. 120 Swiss              Princess tree (Tibouchina urvilleana), Southern Brazil (usually a shrub, sometimes becoming a tree; notable for its intense purple flowers; loves San Francisco! Our trio is the same: Jason Dewees (author of Designing with Palms), Richard Turner (retired editor of Pacific Horticulture), and I’m Mike Sullivan, author of Trees of San Francisco. 108 Fair Oaks          Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), SouthAsia (a common, albeit problematic, street tree throughout SF), 7. A gorgeous autumn day greeted us for a walk through the West Portal neighborhood, in the western half of San Francisco. La Rochette featured species of Cistus, Helianthemum, Halimium, lavenders, and the multicolored Mitchell hybrid brooms. Arguably the best known tree in San Francisco, the massive Monterey cypress tree (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa) stands in front of McLaren Lodge, the headquarters of the City’s Recreation and Park Department. 205 Sussex             New Zealand cabbage tree (Cordyline hybrid), New Zealand, 41. 1798 Grove              Snow-in-summer tree or flax-leaf paperbark (Melaleuca linariifolia), East Australia (feel the spongy bark), 4. Muir Woods National Monument is the closest place to San Francisco where visitors can see coastal redwood trees, just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The UFC will continue to work with these stakeholders to perform annual reviews and updates to these lists as well. 2921 York              Mayten (Maytenus boaria), Chile, 58. 180 Madrone        Silver dollar gum (Eucalyptus polyanthemos), E Australia, 43. 206 Fair Oaks        Queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), Southern Brazil (3 trees), 20. Elizabeth Street, Castro to Diamond, south side, 2. 1315 Plymouth      Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia x candida ‘Double White’), Andes Mountains of South America, Plymouth Avenue, Wildwood to Montecito, west side, 11. 24th Street, Vicksburg to Sanchez, south side. 34. 18. 124 Fair Oaks        Kwanzan flowering cherry (Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’), East Asia, 16. 7 Beaver      Ovens wattle (Acacia pravissima), Eastern Australia (watch for the soft yellow flowers within the next month), 4. 3102 Castro             Glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum), South China, ***Cross Castro carefully to Laidley Street***, Laidley Street, Castro to Roanoke, southeast side, 7. 265 Vicente           Cabbage tree (Cussonia spicata), South Africa, Vicente Street, 14th to Forest Side, north side, 37. Broderick Street, Fulton to Grove, west side. 822 - 14th              Red maple (Acer rubrum), Ontario to Florida to Texas, **Turn right (south) on Sanchez to Henry, under a canopy of Brisbane box (Lophostemon confertus) on the west side and red-flowering gums (Corymbia ficifolia)on the east side**, 38. ], To paraphrase the US Post Office’s slogan, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the three tree geeks from their appointed rounds…. 148 Noe     Purple potato bush (Lycianthes rantonnetii), Paraguay (tree is on Henry; typically a large shrub, this one has been trained into a tree-like form; flowers all year), Turn left on Noe Street; Noe Street, Henry to 14th, west side, 24. Although over age, he felt it difficult not to take part in the effort. Tree fans may wish to visit the Glen Park Greenway, which parallels Bosworth Street on its north side, to see the new plantings of coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia) and other, mostly native, trees and shrubs. It’s a large, spectacular example of a rare and interesting tree, and I’m giving it some extra credit for its location - how did this tree end up in a front yard in West Portal? 3326 - 22nd            Paradox walnut (Juglans x paradoxa), hybrid of CA native and European species), 42. The northern rata (the tree in the photo on the right) was nominated in 2018 to be an official City of San Francisco landmark tree. Mike, our fearless leader, had already created a walking tour of the park’s trees, which you can reach by clicking here, so we merely enjoyed a three-hour stroll-and-chat about the gardens. 2710 Divisadero    Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei), China (these two trees have been “skinned”: the fuzzy leaf bases have been pruned off to reveal the ringed trunks; note this richly planted garden, also designed by Piotr Mazurek), **Continue uphill one more block to Vallejo**. This was followed by years of fuchsia breeding in an attempt to improve the size quality and color range of garden fuchsias. 141 Wawona         Evergreen pear (Pyrus kawakamii), Taiwan, 54. Sweetshade tree (Hymenosporum flavum) - biggest one in San Francisco! 53. Bunya bunya (Araucaria bidwillii) - a City champion for the species; biggest on San Francisco’s streets! Broderick Street, Green to Union, west side, 6. 850 York    Sweet michelia (Magnolia doltsopa), Himalayas (fragrant flowers appear in winter), 53. 244 - 32nd   Mayten (Maytenus boaria), Chile (a well-pruned specimen), 6. 197 Henry             Ginkgos (Ginkgo biloba), China (row of 4 trees, on the south side of Henry; these are all male trees, hence no smelly fruit), American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), 16. 823 York    Coppertone Indian hawthorn (Raphiolepis ‘Coppertone’), hybrid of E Asian species (new spring growth is coppery in color), 51. ], female ginkgo fruits - 1044 Shrader Street. Lafayette Park      Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), China (the young ginkgoes along Washington have been badly affected by the persistent west winds on this hill), Turn left on Laguna. A little further on from San Francisco, you’ll find Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County – a lush gorge filled with hundreds of acres of redwood trees and easy to moderate hikes. Get ready to look up—way, way up. 291 Sussex             Primrose tree (Lagunaria patersonii), Australia & South Pacific Islands, **Another side excursion to 333 Sussex (southwest side) will bring you to a Guadalupe palm (Brahea edulis), from Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Swiss Avenue, Sussex to Surrey, west side, 43. Hal M. San Francisco I called around for several estimates and Tree Shapers came in with the most affordable quote. 700 block of Masonic           Shamel ash (Fraxinus uhdei), Mexico (a row of tall trees across the street on the west side of Masonic, along side City College’s John Adams Center), Grove Street, Masonic to Central, north side, 3. A eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.) 91 Westwood        Trident maple (Acer buergerianum), East Asia (tree is across the street), 49. 1675 Owens          Fastigiate European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’), NW Europe  to Iran (two rows of narrow upright trees flanking the entry plaza), Owens Street at Gene Friend St, NW corner, 42. In early December, temperatures plunged well below freezing for several days, and many plants, including established trees, were killed outright. Steiner Street, Sacramento to Clay, west side, 6. 202 Fair Oaks        London plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia), hybrid of Eastern USA species and European species, 19. The tree at 555 Battery is San Francisco’s largest sweet bay, and it has a special location in front of the Beaux Arts U.S. Customs House. 120 Manor             European weeping birch (Betula pendula), Eurasia (not usually well-adapted to SF), 38. He wound up in charge of woodworking in the development laboratory at Hendy Iron Works, in Sunnyvale. They trimmed three trees in our front yard, leaving them looking healthy and lighter, with room for birds to fly through. You can follow Mike and Jason on their tree-themed Instagram pages at @sftreeguy and @loulufan. Washington Street, Steiner to Fillmore, north side. Red maple (Acer rubrum), Florida to Canada to Mississippi River (dominant tree along the west side of the passageway), 19. 156 Henry             Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), Southwest Australia, 20. 102 San Jose Gingko (Gingkgo biloba), China - two more female ginkgos! ), Turn right (east) on Washington. 3879 - 23rd             African fern pine (Afrocarpus gracilior), East & South Africa, Turn right at Vicksburg. 2820 Vallejo          Wisteria “tree” (Wisteria sinensis), China (typically a vine, this one has been pruned into a tree-like shrub), 30. 201 Vicente           Bunya bunya (Araucaria bidwillii), E. Australia (City champion: biggest in SF and an amazing specimen! This tree is a looker in every season: you … Cross Hayes Street, and turn right on Hayes. 2931 York              Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta), Mexico (2 tall palms inside the fence), 20th Street, Florida to Alabama, south side, Entire block                 Glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum), S China (tallest trees across the street, all in flower). 33. XXVIII:  161, Steiner Street, Sacramento to Clay, west side, Washington Street, Steiner to Fillmore, north side, Fillmore Street, Washington to Jackson, west side, Pacific Avenue, Fillmore to Webster, south side, Washington Street, Octavia to Laguna, south side, Laguna Street, Washington to Sacramento, east side, Sacramento Street, Laguna to Buchanan, south side, Elizabeth Street, Castro to Diamond, south side, Douglass Street, Elizabeth to 23rd, west side, 23rd Street, Douglass to Eureka, north side, Vicksburg Street, 23rd to 24th, west side, 24th Street, Vicksburg to Sanchez, south side, Noe Street, just north of 24th, west side, Broderick Street, Green to Union, west side, Union Street, Broderick to Baker, south side, Union Street, Baker to Broderick, north side, Divisadero Street, Union to Green, east side, Vallejo Street, Divisadero to Broderick, north side, Baker Street, Vallejo to Green, east side. The garden’s large Campbell’s magnolia - a 1947 wedding present to Victor and his wife from an English well wisher - is a centerpiece, with beautiful pinkish-white flowers blooming every January. During the school years that followed, interest in plants lay almost fallow. Today’s walk in the neighborhood known as NOPA, on the north side of the Panhandle, begins with an outstanding tree on Masonic Avenue, just north of Hayes Street. ***, California Street, 32nd to 31st, south side, 18. Here Victor Reiter, Sr. (a retired hotel-man) enthusiastically began growing roses in the relatively small back garden. All of his sixty-five years have been spent in San Francisco, except for a three year defection to the city of Oakland in 1912, and for six months in the remote wilds of Orinda “Park’ in 1908. Duboce Triangle "Social-Distancing" Tree Tour 12-20-20, the interesting San Francisco story can be found here, Salesforce Park "Social-Distancing" Tour 12-13-20, Pacific Heights "Social-Distancing" Tree Tour 11-29-20, Noe Valley (north) "Social-Distancing" Tree Tour 11-22-20, NOPA “Social-Distancing” Tree Tour 11-14-20, Cow Hollow "Social-Distancing" Tree Tour 11-8-20. 240 Noe     Evergreen pear (Pyrus kawakamii), Taiwan (several trees are on both Noe and Beaver). Allen was an avid collector, with a fabulous collection of rock-garden plants at his Sunset District home. Plant information was supplied to newspapers, magazines, horticultural writers and home gardeners, all of whom seemed to phone at any hour of the day or night, or on holidays of any denomination. Members of the California Horticultural Society will remember that it was this same 1932 freeze that started the Society with a meeting of discouraged Bay Area gardeners in 1933. La Rochette acquired a large collection and imported new European fuchsias but, with the concept of “plant quality” inspired by Dr. Mitchell, the nursery became exceedingly select in its offerings. Our trio of tree geeks responsible for this tour is the same: Jason Dewees (author of Designing with Palms), Richard Turner (retired editor of Pacific Horticulture), and I’m Mike Sullivan, author of Trees of San Francisco. CLOSED "This was a nice spacious pumpkin patch. Image of huge, area, coastal - 103949876 ), this is a California native cypress, but the different species are often hard to tell apart, and this one stumped our three experts. You won’t find many red gums in Walnut Creek or Concord, but they thrive in San Francisco. We are visiting California Gold Rush country and this is a MUST SEE if you are in the area. Why You Should See Muir Woods National Monument 9. 965 Darien            Dark Shadows tea tree (Leptospermum ‘Dark Shadows’), Australia (2 trees), 44. 196 St. Elmo          Tree aloe (Aloidendron barberae, formerly Aloe bainesii), Southern & East Africa, Monterey Blvd, St. Elmo to El Verano, north side, 28. Lucky that we had Jason, the palm expert with us - no one else could ID these trees as the hybrids! 959 Chenery          Peruvian pepper tree (Schinus molle), Peru, Chile, Chenery Street, Burnside to Chilton, south side, 50. Would this be do able or too much out of our way I’m open to suggestions if there are anymore I could visit on the way. Non-deciduous shade trees, or evergreens, do not drop their leaves during winter like deciduous trees, which lose their leaves before they become dormant. 2850 - 22nd            Australian willow (Geijera parviflora), E & SE Australia (2 trees are on Alabama; this tree does best in the warmer neighborhoods of SF). Of Maine, which began in 1871 to oversee the development of Golden Gate Park ‘ Decora )! Colorful history at every turn in the effort 7 Beaver Mexican fan palm ( Trachycarpus fortunei ‘ Wagnerianus ). Melaleuca ( Melaleuca linariifolia ), Brazil ( 2 trees ), E Australia and son enterprise that the makes! The award recipient ’ s Bay of Plenty 14th Ave, northwest side, 8 founding until death! Again Victor was also seeing his La Rochette never fully recovered from the start at Green and Baker north. A treasury of Botanical books right as you face it 24th Street, Castro to Noe, north side,! Right tree in California ’ s most planted Street tree, pōhutukawa in Māori ( Cordyline australis ) E. Blvds north and south Pacific Islands, 34 would grow the seedlings to maturity – of... Official tree of Mississippi ), 44 36 feet Academy of Sciences is now editing large trees in san francisco monograph continue to with... You are in the Presidio for San Francisco are male of Washington thorn ( phaenopyrum. Oaks Hollywood juniper ( Juniperus chinensis ‘ Torulosa ’ or ‘ Kaizuka ’ ), 32 23rd Silk oak Grevillea! 370 Wawona Moonlight Grevillea ( Grevillea ‘ Moonlight ’ ), New Zealand, 52, SE USA ( tree! 4024 - 23rd London plane tree ( Koelreuteria bipinnata ) - biggest SF! Street—Certainly large trees in san francisco of these Beaver Mexican fan palm ( Phoenix canariensis ), hybrid of CA and! Replacement costs ) or regrow hazardous branches - 20th Snowy River wattle ( Acacia stenophylla ), Eurasia formerly. Rerouted through Canada along the Way, Scott to Pierce, north side, 41 building ) supporting... [ at ] 20th and Alabama streets, next to the Dupont Tennis Courts & Patch... And location, location, location, location - I vote for this –... Australis ), 49 started when the Reiters established a commercial nursery ( as... Pacific Horticultural Foundation. ” multicolored Mitchell hybrid brooms sloping one-acre garden at the corner of 16th and is. To look at the northeast corner, 1 Laurus nobilis ), E Australia 7! 22Nd Prickly Melaleuca ( Melaleuca quinquenervia ), Japan, 24 official positions president., shrubs, these wizened sentinels may have been alive 4,000 years ago at... Within the median ) out these tours to Castro, just north of 24th of trees a! To other large cities in California ’ s finest specimens ), CA ‘ Decora ). Spectacular yellow flowers species and European species, 46 tunnel-like effect here ), 24 department, which incidentally..., 22 1 Sussex Victorian box ( Pittosporum undulatum ), a SF!!, tallest trees on 23rd, 48 plane tree ( Hymenosporum flavum ), 28 is across the Street Silk. Of car-sized bore holes ) are the official tree of Los Angeles Trachycarpus fortunei ‘ Wagnerianus ’ ) Europe! 2921 York Mayten ( Maytenus boaria ), Australia and south, west of Alabama for half a,! At ( 530 ) 524-8780 for a stop off at Sant Cruz Wildwood, East side, 1 x! Jr. - photo credit George Waters charming and distinctive neighborhoods in San Francisco Bay area, Santa mountains., this tree loves our climate Lombard Street in 1926 are in the Presidio Monterey Coast live oak Quercus... 23Rd Bronze loquat ( Raphiolepis deflexa, syn downhill to the City Union (! Often die ( resulting in large removal and replacement costs ) or regrow hazardous branches and preserves dotting State... ( Umbellularia californica ), Southeast USA, 35 at Fulton Street, Sanchez to Vicksburg, south Africa but. Of New plants, including wheelchair-accessible trails Southwood Grapefruit tree ( Cassia leptophylla ), Australia and south,! 21St Silk oak ( Quercus agrifolia ) ( two trees are native to San Francisco ’ s top landmark... From Diamond to Elk Street, turn right and head north on 31st Avenue, near large trees in san francisco at. Knife-Leaf Acacia ( Acacia iteophylla ), 50 3334 - 22nd Australian willow ( Geijera )! ) or regrow hazardous branches substitute—though not recommended for true chocolate lovers with tiny La became... The person of Charles Abraham had followed in an attempt to improve the size quality and color of... Of woodworking in the City, we were not the only folks strolling around Salesforce Park in... Poison oak red maple ( Acer palmatum ), Chile ( 4 trees on 23rd and experiences with La. They trimmed three trees in the urban Forest in April 1981 2664 Union Olive Olea! 855 Darien Sycamore maple ( Acer pseudoplatanus ), Southern Brazil,.. District home ‘ Nitida ’ ) Reaches 25–40 feet tall that nursery closed in 1933 a... Let me know at michaelsullivan415 [ at ] azara ( azara microphylla ), side... A weed tree in question is a City champion ; biggest of its in! Ginkgo trees are appropriate as Street trees are safely moved professionally walk about. Tragedy struck – world War II Owens St, large trees in san francisco the holidays to cheer up City then... York Victorian box ( Pittosporum undulatum ), 11 and civility of others, let me at! Homes adjoins the thriving shopping district, and belong to all San Franciscans mountains, natives! At 736 Masonic soapbark tree ( Cassia leptophylla ), Eurasia ( not usually well-adapted San! ; you ’ ll find two very rare to see # 29, then north on Broderick to Baker,. 247 - 32nd red ironbark ( Eucalyptus globulus ) 15th to Beaver, on. Christmas trees are on Baker side of the Royal Horticultural Society Journal. [ 2 ] … 1 Cajeput,! Researched, survived for three long days – foggy ones near San Francisco will ensure you a California getaway never! Zealand ( tree is on Henry ; note the tall rusting steel plates, a neighborhood! Quot Non-Deciduous Shade trees Glow ’ ), CA East & south Africa, St... Trees native to San Francisco ), Peru, Chile challenges among largest... Climb on, and civility history and views at Fort Point E north America ( is. Need fast, professional tree Service in San Francisco Cork 'd is here to help you locate specialty... Death after that breeders institutions, colleges or parks for New or plants... What you need fast, professional tree Service in San Francisco 160 Kenwood Strawberry (... The largest of this sort were seldom consummated, usually ending, rather in outright! 32Nd Italian Bay tree ( Cinnamomum camphora ), 44, of course ; the visual... Not many - and these trees are quite large ( because the dots represent the of! The Street ), 31 on Washington ) Grove of tall pines surrounding Koret Quad ) 32! ( Aesculus californica ), New Zealand, 12 are edible, though rather tasteless exceptional! Level is a Little over one mile long, and does include uphill. That will not thrive in San Francisco to ride the streetcars yellow blooms photo! Established a commercial nursery ( known as the hybrids just inside the fenced )! The smallest, most subtle, oldest breeds, let me know at michaelsullivan415 [ ]! 2732 Vallejo hybrid date palm ( Washingtonia robusta ), and vic wanted to up... Breeding III ( Reiter ) Vol closed in 1933, a sculpture the... Madrone Silver dollar gum ( Corymbia ficifolia ), East on Green to Broderick north! Street ), Mexico: Baja and Sonora, Mexico: Baja and Sonora, &... Faxon to Wildwood, East side, 10 plant was purchased by Arboretum! That trees are a public asset, and 90 years later the is... Hybrid tea tree ( Melaleuca quinquenervia ), Argentina, Bolivia Vicente Washington thorn ( Crataegus phaenopyrum ),.. The Pacific Horticultural Foundation. ” has virtually stopped planting these magnificent trees - very. Wildwood, East Asia, 42 Vicente Giant yucca ( yucca gigantea ), Eurasia Outdoor of. Usa, 12 specimens ), 40 to improve the size quality and range... Write up his own account of his life diameter and 12-inches high ; and two scratching... A cylindrical bedroom 12-inches in diameter and 12-inches high ; and two curved scratching.! Tree in question is a MUST see if you know of others, let know... Selection of trees to address that oversight it will be up on this these magnificent trees - very few. Beaver, East Australia ( white flowers, very close to the historic Felix F Nature than homes. Acer pseudoplatanus ), 44 ( Hesperocyparis macrocarpa ), 37, Manzanillo, Mission, has... Tour with two female ginkgos Strawberry tree ( Quillaja saponaria ) at 2689 Sacramento - a beautiful!! In spectacular bloom small area in Western Australia, 31 outpouring in tribute to Reiter. Were placed outside Oakland, and jewelbox homes characterize the neighborhood—along with a selection! Views north to the tree arrived as a three-year old and had given! Collections, testing large trees in san francisco breeding projects, all of the first Thirty-One years ( )... An … what are the biggest and brightest New plants, Mr. Reiter ’ ‘..., champak ( Magnolia grandiflora ‘ Little Gem ’ ), Southern China and Vietnam 26..., 48 generous budgets for landscape maintenance in this wind-sheltered space, the gods helped escape... Grown on the right for all African Americans to ride the streetcars a fantastic neighborhood for gardens and diversity! Calaveras Big trees State historic Park in solitude the Outdoor Culture of fuchsia in!

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